Peeg. AKA Ms Pigglesworth.

Mrs Pigglesworth, aka Peeg (We love pigs) — is a cute miniature Juliana Pig that is totally spoiled rotten and runs the house. Mrs. Pigglesworth resides in Blairsville GA at A Step Above Stables.

As you can see from the pictures and the videos — she is quite the spoiled pig. She really appreciates you visiting her page.

Merry Pigmas

Merry Pigmas












The World Famous Peeg Starvation video!

Peeg Starvation Video






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So you want a mini pig?
Mini Pigs ARE awful cute when they are babies, and come to think of it, they all look like minis at that age, so it’s easy to see how so many get “duped” into thinking their little pig will stay just that. Little. Not so. The majority of little pigs out there grow to be upwards of 100+ pounds because they are not true miniatures, but a mix of different varieties of domesticated pigs, such as the Pot Belly Pig…read the entire post here

Peeg is the cutest of all mini-pigs! Peeg resides here at A Step Above Stables and lives a pampered life!

More on Peeg coming soon…In the meantime you can check out this blog post

Mini Pigs - So Cute!

Peeg with Mom — Jan Teague


Once again, Peeg hanging out with Mom — Jan Teague. The life of a Peeg.